Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Getting Warmed Up

After a long absence from the blog world, I am trying to get warmed up again. God's word has taught me many things the past few months. One subject has particularly impacted my view of God. The concept of the Kingdom. It's scope is eternally sweeping. Man's response to the understanding of it requires urgency. It is found in the words of the one crying in the wilderness. It is found in the teaching of our Lord. Jesus spoke of it in Matthew 13 in a way to deliberately confound the hearers. The disciples revealed their ignorance of it in the very last question they asked of Jesus before he ascended. Jesus told them it was ordained for them to remain ignorant of the timing of the Kingdom in his last words on earth. While we may find that some of the details of the Kingdom are baffling, the impact of the knowledge of it in the life of a believer should make us feel like Job after his lecture from God.


James1twelvesoldier said...

Amen. It is good to hear from you again on the blogoshpere. I am so blessed to have men like you teaching and instructing my children. Thank you for being an example and leading them in God's Word. Have a great day!!

Ye said...

Amen- definitely makes us feel childlike in our understanding!

Kay said...

Praying for your family!