Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I wanted to share this personal bio I received from a friend of mine that lives in Myanmar. He has a desire to see God raise up a biblical counseling system for the people of Myanmar. Please pray for him as he pursues serving God in this way.




I was born in a small village called Hnahthial, Falam Township, Chin State of Myanmar, on May 21st. 1972. I was named Fung Nei Mang; I am the second and middle son of Rev. Khaw Tin San and Daw Tha Kip Men (late). I was grown up in a Christian family; therefore, I took regular attendance of any Christian services like Sunday school class and Sunday worship service. In 1997, realizing of the fact that God has been embracing me with His loving hands, I put on my name a Bible name Habakkuk (embrace), and the Bible verse for my long life is Habakkuk 2:4., “…but the just shall live by faith.”


I started my education since my 7th year of age at a State Primary School in our village, finished the eight standard classes from State Middle School, at Zongte village, and completed my Ten Standard from Basic Education High School, Falam. Since 1994, I did my theological study and completed G Th. course from the Far Eastern Fundamental School of Theology (FEFST), in Yangon, in 1998. By the year 2000, I went to India for farther study, and studied BD course (Pre-class) at ITS in New Delhi. In addition, due to some inconveniency I transferred to another college called Bharat Bible College (BBC), AP State, India. After completing my BD course, I continued to study M. Th. course and successfully completed in March 2004 from BBC. This is how God prepared my life educationally.

Ministry Experience

During that period, God gave me a good chance to do His work as for experience. I worked as a Sunday school teacher for five years and at the same time as a youth leader in our village. In 1998, I worked as an Assembly Office Secretary (AOS) at Falam and at the same time a Secretary of Biblical Youth for Christ, for two years under the Biblical Presbyterian Church of Myanmar. In addition, after my theological studies since 2004, I worked as a full time lecturer at Myanmar For Christ Bible College (MFCBC), in Kalaymyo, and as a student’s dean at Myanmar Bible Seminary (MBS), in Yangon for three years (2005-2007). I am presently working as an Academic Dean at Yangon Grace Bible School (YGBS), in Yangon, Myanmar.

It is obviously realized that all these things in my life are the preparation of God that I, who is nothing from my side, might become a good instrument for the extension of His kingdom. In the course of those experiences through many difficulties and dangers, God made me learn many things and I believe He will accomplish His plan through me some day. Although I know not what God means many times in my life especially when things seem going wrong, with tendencies of failure, I know God is the God who knows His plan for my good future and hope, (Jer.29:11). My favorite verse is this, “no plan of yours can be thwarted.” Job 42:2 (Oxford NIV Scofield), said Job.


With the study of the book of Jeremiah, coming to the eight chapter, from verse 20 through 22, I was truly convinced that there is an extremely great need of proceeding the Gilead Balm ministry, hopefully to run as the Gilead Balm Bible College, the Gilead Balm Childcare Ministry, the Gilead Balm Bible Church (as a local system) and even the Gilead Balm Christian Counseling Center in our country that the wounds of our people are cured by the Gilead Balm ( the living Word of God) in a very short time of our lives. You, my brother in Christ, are cordially welcomed and expected to support any of these projects, and the same time to undertake the responsibility. Let us gather jewels for a crown above (Hymn).